Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Do you play Max Dirt Bike 2

If you have ever ridden a dirt bike in real life than chances are you are not playing a dirt bike game, but perhaps you should. The addictive nature that you will quickly pick up when you play Max Dirt Bike 2 runs at a high level as you strive to accomplish each level.

The controls for the game are a simple use of the arrows, and you will use them all. There is the forward or gas pedal which is the up arrow, the reverse which is down and then the left and right arrows will control where you land or shift your weight. As the tracks will run you forward, backward and everywhere in the middle.

The goal of course is to complete the short track without falling or hitting your head. You know you reached the goal when you get to a circle symbol that contains the checkered flag. Once you hit that spot you get a congratulations message with a note telling you to hit the space bar to continue to the next track. Each course gives short messages and arrows that will tell you where to go and how to get to your goal. Pay attention to these messages as they may seem cryptic but they do make sense.